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Routine Maintenance Services

The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends the service that is required to keep your car working properly for its lifetime. We have all factory-recommended maintenance records for every vehicle on the road today. The mile interval services both minor and major include inspections and/or replacements of spark plugs, timing belts, cabin filters, fuel filters, cooling system, fuel injection service, brakes, batteries, belts, exhaust, suspensions, and tires. We will use only original equipment parts. We have found for the vehicles that carry the free service warranty for 3 years or 50,000 miles or longer many components are not serviced properly. Many times we have vehicles arrive at our facility only to find the air filter is clogged badly and the most non-serviced items are cabin…

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Computer Diagnosis

It's true - all cars these days are more complicated and have new systems and technology. This technology requires the latest diagnosis equipment and highly trained experienced mechanics to interpret regarding repairs. No matter if it is as simple as a dome light all the way to determining what is causing your check engine light to come on and everything in between Wright's Car Care can diagnose correctly. With today's stricter emissions requirements and laws pinpoint diagnosis is crucial to make sure auto repair is as economical as possible. We keep all technical services bulletins and recalls listed for your vehicle on file at all times.

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Engine Performance Specialists

If you want experts who are dedicated to providing excellent engine performance upgrades without compromising safety standards, then turn to Wright's Car Care.  Our priority is to keep the engine in your automobile working in excellent condition as we uphold the topmost level of customer service that the industry has to offer. With the commitment of our engine performance specialists in Atlanta, you will have a pleasant experience whenever you get behind the wheel. Call us today and get top-notch services for every car make or model including: Re-manufactured engines Custom-built race engines Cam upgrades Overhauls to tune-ups Computer enhancement Aftermarket bolt-on parts Air intakes, exhaust systems Timing adjustments Engine rebuild and replacement service And general engine troubleshooting You will…

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Transmission Service and Repair

Let's face it transmission diagnosis and repair in today's market is as best a tough call anywhere you take your car. Incorrect diagnosis can be expensive and time-consuming. We pride ourselves in making a proper diagnosis and an honest recommendation to repair your transmission problem. Did you know that a check engine light/service engine soon light can sometimes be due to a transmission-related problem? Preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining your transmission. We also maintain C.V. axles, drive shafts, and clutches. Wrights Car Care Inc. offers the best automatic transmission preventive maintenance available in the automotive market. If you're looking for an original equipment transmission installed for less money than the dealer or our 3-year 100k Jasper transmission we guarantee the most competitive…

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A/C & Heating Service & Repair

Wrights Car Care specializes in Auto Heating Systems diagnosis as well as repairs, especially in the city of Atlanta. We are also a one-stop shop for Auto AC Repair in Atlanta and our highly skilled Auto Heating systems diagnosis technicians and devices will save you time, energy, and money because the diagnosis is quite fast and we won't delay you on the auto AC repair services. An ineffective air conditioner will always get you hot inside your own car, and the earlier you get help on Auto Heating systems diagnosis, the earlier you can get your AC back in order. Our Auto AC Repair in Atlanta technicians make use of environmentally friendly refrigerant and other quality repair components to complete your diagnostics and…

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Full Under Car Service & Repair

Perhaps getting a full undercar service and repair in Atlanta has been difficult for you? Finally, Wright's Car Care is readily available to take care of your auto needs. We have a full-service auto-repair facility in Atlanta with experienced and trained technicians for all your auto repair including: Suspension damage repairs Wheel balancing/alignment Lowering springs Shocks and struts Transmission Service Cooling system/radiator flush service Suspension upgrades Full engine diagnoses and repair As a premium under car service and repairs for all foreign and domestic makes and models, we take pride in satisfying our customers and providing top-notch services in every job we do. We have a team of ASE-certified and experienced technicians to meet all your vehicle repair needs. Cars and light…

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Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

The typical modern vehicle of today relies on electronics for it to function effectively and this is the reason why regular maintenance must be carried out on each component of a vehicle's electrical operating system. Without an intuitive electrical operating system, it will be difficult for associated components such as power windows, wiper motors, lights, alternators, batteries, and blower motors to function effectively. At Wright's Car Care, one of our main duties is to diagnose electrical operating system failures and then dig deeper into the root cause of the failure for the purpose of fixing the problem. Your vehicle will normally give you some warning shots and one of such is the intermittent warning light on your dash panel and in the worst case,…

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Roadside Assistance

Have you run out of gas and your vehicle stopped working in the middle of nowhere? Do you have a flat tire and probably need a roadside towing service? With Wright Car Care roadside assistance in Atlanta, you can be sure that you are covered when you have emergencies while plying on the road. Wright Car Care roadside assistance offers reliable travel protection across Atlanta 24 hours a day at no extra cost. For emergency Atlanta roadside assistance services, Wright Car Care doesn't only get to your current location in time to resolve all of your immediate needs we will make sure you are back on the wheel as soon as possible. Get prompt and efficient roadside assistance from Wright Car Care. If you are…

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