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Engine Performance Specialists

Engine Performance Specialists in Atlanta

If you want experts who are dedicated to providing excellent engine performance upgrades without compromising safety standards, then turn to Wright's Car Care. 
Our priority is to keep the engine in your automobile working in excellent condition as we uphold the topmost level of customer service that the industry has to offer. With the commitment of our engine performance specialists in Atlanta, you will have a pleasant experience whenever you get behind the wheel. Call us today and get top-notch services for every car make or model including:

  • Re-manufactured engines
  • Custom-built race engines
  • Cam upgrades
  • Overhauls to tune-ups
  • Computer enhancement
  • Aftermarket bolt-on parts
  • Air intakes, exhaust systems
  • Timing adjustments
  • Engine rebuild and replacement service
  • And general engine troubleshooting

You will get the highest quality engine performance upgrade when you allow an Atlanta engine performance specialist to handle your automobile. At Wrights Car Care, we have highly experienced engine mechanics who can offer advanced performance modifications for your vehicles. Additionally, we will provide you with the pros and cons of each application as well as identify the right performance parts that will suit your needs and budget.

You will enjoy the impressive performance of your car

It doesn't matter if the performance of your car wasn't impressive directly from the factory, or if your car is old and outdated, with the dedication, experience, and innovative ideas of our Atlanta engine performance specialist, you will definitely start having the "˜Fast & Furious' kind of experience.

Over the years, customers have turned to us for performance upgrades because we are renowned for savvy workmanship and dependable results and our upgrades outperform the rest of the upgrades from our competitors. We are pretty proud of the services we render to car owners in Atlanta that bring more efficiency and functionality to their automobiles. Call us today, and your car will probably be turned into a monster!


We offer superior engineering

With endless R&D that is behind all the vehicle performance enhancement services we offer, and in addition to the experience of our engineers, no other automobile service provider in Atlanta and surrounding areas can give you a mix of the benefits you will enjoy while working with Wright's Car Care.

We also use top-quality parts and materials, and that is why we offer the best service warranty you can get in town. From start to finish, we will help you to unleash the beast out of your car, and you will be amazed to identify the potential of your once-old or abandoned automobile.

Our performance upgrades are amazingly affordable

Leverage the affordability of our engine upgrade service in Atlanta, superior engineering, design, and craftsmanship to achieve the superior results you expect. Our engine performance specialists in Atlanta use advanced technologies and service techniques to deliver all your vehicle upgrade or performance needs.

We will discuss the various performance options with you and recommend the best installation or modifications that will maximize the lifetime of your vehicle. When it comes to engine performance modifications, we are second to none, and our credibility is our pride. Call us now and have the opportunity to unleash the maximum performance of your car.


Our Happy Customers Say

My experience with Wrights Car Care was probably the best car repair experience I could ask for. The last thing that you want to worry about while putting yourself through college is whether or not you can trust the people working on your car.  Wrights Car Care was very honest about exactly what the problems were with my vehicle and which issues needed to be addressed immediately and which ones could wait.  I have had no issues with any of the repairs I have had. They really have the customer's best interest in mind and it shows!

Susan Knippenberg

have been going to Wright's for numerous years and David has always been honest and helpful and concerned about each customer and their circumstances.  They always give detailed reports about what needs to be fixed and even a time frame if it can wait a while or needs immediate attention.  I really appreciate that personal attention.

Marcia Werner

This place is absolute gold. We moved to the neighborhood 3 years ago, and they have been our go-to car place for every issue, large or small, ever since. It's like bringing my car to a trusted and knowledgeable family member. They have done everything from major repairs to minor tune-ups for us, and we have never been dissatisfied. Twice I have brought my car not sure what was going on, and it turned out to be a small enough issue that they fixed it on the spot for no charge! Honest, competent, quick, fair, and kind. You can't do better.

Amy Robertson

Wrights car care rocks!! I had a car issue with a quick timeline to get back to college. David got me in and out quickly, with the part I needed, and didn't try to sell me something I didn't. You cannot beat the kindness and service I experienced!! We have gone to Wrights Car Care before, and this is why we keep going back. THANK YOU!!

Charlotte Matthews