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Routine Maintenance Services

Routine Maintenance Services in Atlanta, GA

The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends the service that is required to keep your car working properly for its lifetime. We have all factory-recommended maintenance records for every vehicle on the road today. The mile interval services both minor and major include inspections and/or replacements of spark plugs, timing belts, cabin filters, fuel filters, cooling system, fuel injection service, brakes, batteries, belts, exhaust, suspensions, and tires. We will use only original equipment parts.

Air Filter Changes

We have found for the vehicles that carry the free service warranty for 3 years or 50,000 miles or longer many components are not serviced properly. Many times we have vehicles arrive at our facility only to find the air filter is clogged badly and the most non-serviced items are cabin filters. Did you know the cabin filter is recommended to be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 miles?

Synthetic Oil Changes

Most manufacturers are recommending synthetic oil changes every 15,000 miles. At Wrights Car Care we would never allow a vehicle to go longer than 7,500 miles no matter the type of oil is recommended. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations your vehicle will run great until the vehicle is in the 80,000 to 100,000 mile range which is most likely out of warranty this is when many drivers start to have oil-related problems. A 7,500-mile oil change will help your engine to last longer.


Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-certified vehicles and warranties. Some dealers are very thorough with their inspections and pre-certifications. In many cases, we find that all items under warranty are inspected and repaired. However, the standard service items are not completed. Many times customers will find upon returning the vehicle for standard service items the dealer has not performed those under the pre-certification. You may end up with additional charges to repair these items. It is a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by an independent auto repair shop before you purchase so there will be no surprises.

Used Car Warranty

After-market Warranty Companies - "Beware" Always try to buy the Original Manufacturer's warranty from your dealer only. In the event, that your dealer is not offering an original manufacturer warranty read the fine print carefully some aftermarket warranty companies have to exclude items that would be covered by the O.E warranty. For example, they cover the engine and transmission for 50 to 100 different items but they don't cover leaks! Always do your research to determine if the warranty company has a good track record. A simple Google search with the words "problems with xxx warranty company" will be a useful tool for your decision process.


Our Happy Customers Say

My experience with Wrights Car Care was probably the best car repair experience I could ask for. The last thing that you want to worry about while putting yourself through college is whether or not you can trust the people working on your car.  Wrights Car Care was very honest about exactly what the problems were with my vehicle and which issues needed to be addressed immediately and which ones could wait.  I have had no issues with any of the repairs I have had. They really have the customer's best interest in mind and it shows!

Susan Knippenberg

have been going to Wright's for numerous years and David has always been honest and helpful and concerned about each customer and their circumstances.  They always give detailed reports about what needs to be fixed and even a time frame if it can wait a while or needs immediate attention.  I really appreciate that personal attention.

Marcia Werner

This place is absolute gold. We moved to the neighborhood 3 years ago, and they have been our go-to car place for every issue, large or small, ever since. It's like bringing my car to a trusted and knowledgeable family member. They have done everything from major repairs to minor tune-ups for us, and we have never been dissatisfied. Twice I have brought my car not sure what was going on, and it turned out to be a small enough issue that they fixed it on the spot for no charge! Honest, competent, quick, fair, and kind. You can't do better.

Amy Robertson

Wrights car care rocks!! I had a car issue with a quick timeline to get back to college. David got me in and out quickly, with the part I needed, and didn't try to sell me something I didn't. You cannot beat the kindness and service I experienced!! We have gone to Wrights Car Care before, and this is why we keep going back. THANK YOU!!

Charlotte Matthews