• Roadside Assistance
    24/7 EMERGENCY TOWING & ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE . We are there when you need us most. Our 24-Hour Towing Service and Roadside Assistance gets you out of a jam and our repair services get you back on the road fast!
    Roadside Assistance
  • Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair
    All electrical operating system on your vehicle i.e. power windows, wiper motors, door locks, lights, batteries, alternators, cables, wires, electrical shorts, fuses, seats, fans, blower motors, antennas, radios
    Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair
  • Full Under Car Service & Repair
    Any under car problems you are having such as suspension damage from impacts/potholes or worn suspension components like bushings wheel bearings, struts, shocks, wheel repair, high speed wheel balancing we can fix it like new.
    Full Under Car Service & Repair
  • A/C & Heating Service & Repair
    A/C – Heating systems diagnosis also requires the latest equipment to properly diagnosis, we have the tools and knowledge to repair it properly. Incorrect diagnosis can also be very expensive.
    A/C & Heating Service & Repair
  • Transmission Service and Repair
    Let’s face it transmission diagnosis and repair in today’s market is as best a tough call anywhere you take your car. Incorrect diagnosis can be a expensive and time consuming.
    Transmission Service and Repair
  • Engine Performance Specialists
    No matter what you’re looking for: re-manufactured engines, custom built race engines, cam upgrades, computer enhancement, aftermarket bolt on parts, air intakes, exhaust systems or any type of performance upgrades Wrights Car Care Inc
    Engine Performance Specialists
  • Computer Diagnosis
    It’s true – all cars these days are more complicated and have new systems and technology. This technology requires the latest diagnosis equipment and highly trained experience technicians to interpret regarding repairs.
    Computer Diagnosis
  • Routine Maintenance Services
    The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends service which is required to keep your car working properly for its lifetime. We have all factory recommended maintenance records for every vehicle on the road today.
    Routine Maintenance Services
  • Free Freon With ServiceFree Freon With Service
    Air conditioning service special "Free Freon" with service (r-134a freon only up to 2 lbs) We will inspect, evacuated the system, test for leaks, diagnosis any problem, recharge the system with freon and completely test system operation.
  • Check Engine Light Coupon Check Engine Light Coupon
    We will inspect and diagnosis what is causing the light to come on for free with service or repair of the problem. When we repair the problem. We guarantee the light stays out and the problem is solved for 30 days.
  • About Wrights Car CareAbout Wrights Car Care
    Wrights Car Care has been serving the Greater Atlanta Area since 1953. We guarantee every repair with a 12 months/12,000 miles warranty on all parts and labor. Bring your car to Wrights and leave your worries behind!
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